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15 & 16 Dec 2018 =Enoshima= Weekendworkshop “2018-2019 Body cleansing & New beginning ! “

Dance for “2018-2019 Body cleansing & New beginning !

Let`s dance freely looking over Pacific Ocean, dance and looking back 2018 and let go old energy and dance new dreams for new beginning 2019 !

15th Dec(Sat) 1pm to 5 pm
16th Dec(Sun) 11 am to 5 pm

30000 yen
28000 yen (early payment before 25th Nov)
27000円 (early payment for Dance Miracle repeater before 25th Nov)

(possible to join for one day: 15th Dec 15000 yen 、16th Dec 18500 yen
or 15th Dec 13500 yen 、16th Dec 17000 yen if you paid before 25th Nov)
incl: organic herbal tea and sweets
Hotel New Kouyou (Enoshima Kanagawa prefecture)

What to bring
What to bring spare clothes, towel, water

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