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Oct & Nov 2020✨Online Dance Miracles 🌈 Full Moon ! 🌕 Shifting energy into flow of Miracles !

【dates】Dutch time 🇳🇱

31th Oct 2020 (zat)11am〜12noon

30th Nov 2020 (maa)11:30am~12:30

This workshop is happened by Zoom. So you need to be able to use zoom !

25 euro for one workshop or 20 euro if you join both( in total 40 euro )Please send fee in advance at my bank account.

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Full moon is wonderful time for inner work ! In this workshop, I am so excited to offer from here in Japan. I will speak in English, Dutch and Japanese.

This is very special cross cultural energy work to create more love and miracles in this time of great shift !

So looking forward to see you soon ! Tot dans !😊✨