Nov 2021 Shadow & Light through sign of mother nature✨Okinawa Japan

Now I am in Okinawa, south islands in Japan. This place reminds me a lot Hawaii! Its tropical nature & flowers. There are many similarity as Okinawa used to be independent kingdom until Japan conquered in 1879. Hawaii was also independent kingdom until US conquered in 1893. They had their own language and shamanic traditions in Okinawa & Hawaii and in Okinawa most important shamans were women and still so today.

As soon as I arrived from small island of Miyako (which is nearly same size of Ni`ihau in Hawaii ) to main island of Okinawa (which is similar size of Maui), I was shocked to hear stories about sudden arrival of light stone lava and covered most of the beaches here !

There are big under sea (submarine) volcano eruption  in the pacific ocean in Tokyo ( 1000 km, 620 miles away from land ) 2 months ago, and now arrived here traveling more than 1450 km (900 miles )  and all the light grey stone looks like concrete !!! Fishes and birds are eating this light lava stone because they do not know what it is !!! Now the weight of stone is so light but soon they will sink down  under the sea. So nobody no what this effect in eco system in the ocean. First they arrived to Okinawa ( which is close to Taiwan than in main Japan) then now all the lava will move to main island of Japan ! What a power the nature are !!!

Now I drove to small islands called Koori island.

This is famous spot for lovers because of Heart Stone !

When I was meditating and asking Goddess self about what this is all about. And felt that this is human unconsciousness and shadow which is trying to hide and suppress for such a long long time, now coming up to surface ! So we are forced to see even if we try not to. Okinawa has so many US military all over the islands since after WWⅡ still now.  Yet beyond any division, as a one human family, we are facing collective shadow like this lava covered in white sand beaches all over.

Each moment it is our choice to see the lava of shadow inside of us and remove them by spreading divine Love to the places which needs to have more love, flowing and letting go the olds which is not serving us any longer, so that we can create new earth where all the children and people of our planet live in trust and loving care in the embrace of gentle yet strong divine mother.

Taking the beauty of mother nature of goddess, I choose to relax and do the inner work and pray that we can transmute all the lava into shining diamonds from inside, so outside reality can mirror and reflect back the next new paradigm of Golden age of Miracles of Goddess !

with love & Light✨