Dance Miracles Weekend workshop ! 〜 ✨Body cleansing 2021 & New beginning 2022 ✨! ” Enoshima Japan !

We just had a wonderful weekend workshop at Enoshima Japan! This is an annual December workshop I offer for years now.

We had such beautiful 2 days with Mt. Fuji blessing us !

First day we danced and looked back of our time 2021.

Dance & letting go of old energy & old stories from our body! Make new space within our body, heart and mind, so new miracles✨ & abundance 🌈can enter into 2022!

Second day on 12/12 which is a special day for new portal opening with five planets, two large asteroids and the moon align in the night sky ! With the universal energy of alignment, we danced and made alignment for our new dreams & Intension into 2022!
In the morning time I went to Enoshima Shrine, a sacred place !

There are three Benzaiten Goddess for Water & Abundance !


During the dance session, we felt that Mother Goddess Gaia is also dancing! ( Earthquake😱🥳) And after our intensive dance and laughter and tears, many UFOs and bright lights ✨came and gave us sign!

Feedback from one of the participants、

“Thank you again for such a special day on saturday. Such great ripple effect. Would love to work with you again ! (Carmela from Kamakura Japan✨)

After the workshop, we went to our favorite Greek style cafe, called “Lucky Mermaids 🧜‍♀️”

I am so happy and blessed with our special time of Miracles💖. I am wishing you all the most happiest and blessed new year 2022 with many surprising Miracles after Miracles✨ !

with Love & Miracles