Life Miracles ! Summer 2017 ! Taize, Lourdes, Nevers〜France, Fatima〜Portugal spiritual Journey of Maria

Summer Miracles in 2017 ! I was 2 months in Europe. A few years ago, I did a spiritual miracle journey of Mary Magdalene in Provence, South of France. This year, Mother Mary ( Our Lady ) is calling me ! I drove from Holland to Troyes France, Old city.

Finally I am happy to arrive in the Taize community. I knew Taize through beautiful songs. After reading books of Brother Roger, founder of Taize ecumenical Monastery, I felt a calling to visit.

I joined an one week long program. To live in a simple way with people all over the world. There are community prayers 3 times a day. It was so beautiful to pray with 4000 to 5000 people from all over the world. This year I have been longing to pray intensively and it came true in an amazing way here in Taize. I met beautiful people, who inspired so much. To live life more simple and in a pure way with trusting God and have hope in the world. Yes, there are beautiful people who maybe not famous or outstanding but down to earth with God.

After the Taize Miracles, I drove south and stayed in Souliac, then toward to the Pyrenees, the mountains near Spain. Now finally arrived in Lourdes, a famous pilgrimage place for the apparition of Virgin Mary to 14 years old girl Bernadette in 1858. So many people are coming for miracles of healing by Lourdes water.

So many Maria’s at shops in Lourdes.

Grotte de Massabielle, where the water is coming from.

Driving 700 km from Lourdes to Nevers where Bernadette spent her rest of life. It took me 9 hours, it took her 4 days by train more than 150 years ago. In the church I met Saint Bernadette, her body remains clean and incorrupt after her death nearly 140 years now. This is pure Miracles and I never experienced such a sacred energy radiating from her, beyond any words !

Notre Dame des Eaux in Nevers. Bernadette loved to pray in front of this Maria. She said: “This statue has something similar to the Lady I met.”

After such a special Miracles time at Nevers, I drove via Paris to Reims. Though the cathedral was damaged during world war II, it has been rebuilt. Near the front gate of the cathedral, there is a famous smiling Angel ! ( I am pointing to her. ) I liked this smiling Angel so much ! Yes let`s keep on smiling !!! After Reims i visited Laon and then back finally to Holland. I am so grateful for all the Miracles in France this Summer !

When I was in Medjugorie, Bosnia Herzegovina, I found out that it is 100 years anniversary Maria Apparition in Fatima, Portugal. So I decided to continue my journey to Fatima !

Heart monument, 100 years aniversary Maria Apparation in Fatima.
I stayed in a very very wonderful local B&B(Casa dos Tios). The Portugal couple treated me like family and I had such a great time ! That place is next to Lucia (one of 3 visonaris ) house. I have visited places of pilgrimage where 3 kids who saw Our Lady and Angel of Portugal.

Visited Tomar, old beautiful town not so far from Fatima.

With warm feeling in my heart, I left Fatima. Enjoyed time at Lisbon then I flew back to Holland.
Thank you for reading “Life Miracles 2017 Summer”. This continues to the next season.
May we listen to the message of Our Lady ( Queen of Peace ) and love & Light of Our lady guide and shine upon us always !

Love & Miracles