Life Miracles Autumn 2017 ‘YES Japan !’

My Last blog of 2017, I am ususally in Japan during the autumn season. Best time for nice food, amazing colors of nature. Japan has so many mountains !

In autumn, we always have a beautiful Dance Miracles retreat ! This year was the 10th retreat !

Dance & Eat, soak in natural hot-spring ! Life is so good !!!

After dance, I continued my journey inside the deep mountains area in Nagano. Stayed in a very cute B&B called “Salut”, owned by Japanese nice couple, but not French ;)))

In November, we had dance in Kyoto & Kobe. I am always so blessed to have such beautiful warm-hearted dancers coming to my workshop. Thank you so much !!!

I visited Tenkawa Nara prefecure, a very special spiritual spot in Japan. As soon as I arrived there, I met Chief priest. He said he used to be a world traveller and a kind of hippie. He even met the Pope for dialog between different regions.

I stayed in Pension ‘Milky way’ next to this shrine. Beautiful autumn Japanese dishes like art !

I kept meeting such miracle-minded wonderful people at Tenkawa. I am so excited after all miracles experiences here. Visiting this place can bring you a big shift in your life !

Thank you for reading my “Life Miracles 2017” Blog.
After the renewal of my website, all my miracles blogs of the previous website didn’t go to the new one. But I felt I wanted to put at least the year 2017. So I am now looking forward to share what the Life Miracles blog 2018 will unfold.

Love & Miracles