12th Jan 2022✨I celebrate myself at my birthday 🥳 〜 ancient caves at Japanese ray line vortex & most healthy foods of Indian Love💖

January is a special month for me because of New year and MY New year which is my birthday!

I was guided to stay a night at Kamakura, one of my favorite places!

On my birthday, I went to visit Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine. Inside there is a Benzai goddess temple. And I saw many white doves🕊

Wow white dove couple passionately loving and kissing ! Yes this year 2022 is the year of AMORE 💖 as it shows in

Special cute train called Enoden 🚃 took me to the Enoshima. Past 14 years I have visited Enoshima so many times
but usually for my dance workshop. This time is purely sightseeing so somehow different NEW feeling 😊!

Enoshima is a small island not so far from Tokyo, ancient history with dragons and goddess. One of the most sacred sites.

Dragon temple🐉 !

This bell is called Dragon Love Bell 🔔😆✨as legend says Dragon fell in love with goddess.

Nature in this island is wonderful food for the Heart💖

A long walk at the steep steps. Up and down, good exercise ! Finally coming to the caves.

Mt.Fuji is so beautiful ! 😍

Very happy! Now I arrived at the Rock Caves from 1500000 years ago !

In the legend, this cave is connected to Mt. Fuji and this line is a very special energy ray line.

Pink dragon! We just entered Aquarian age with divine feminine Love💖 & Light ✨!

After visiting caves, I feel this ray line energy vortex in Japan is real!

After having magical time at Enoshima, I took a train to Shinjuku, then changed to Chuo line. Arrived now at my favorite Indian natural vegetarian Nataraj.

Enjoying vegan sweets with my friends😊✨💖

On the way back to mountains in Tokyo, I went to stop over at JR Tachikawa station, this city has many huge bookstores. Amazon is easy nowadays but it is also nice to go to a bookstore and find something NEW!
Illumination is Angels👼 & Heart ♥️ They made for me😊

Each moment was a miracle gift for my Birthday !
Yes Miracle continues〜

with Love & Miracles✨