Feb 2022 Back to the Womb and begin again !

In winter dark time, I have been called to be in nature. So in this blog I love to share my favorite place in mountains area in Tokyo. In Tokyo, most people think it is a huge city ! But more than 30 % of Tokyo prefecture are mountains.

One cold day, still there are snows in the field. I went inside mountains. In the time of darkness of winter, it is always so refreshing to stop using computer and internet and simply go into the mother nature.

In this nearly our 6 months training, I really love to ground myself with old mother tree. Reminding me in order to go up and higher, it is so important also go deep down inside the roots to strengthen my roots.

No one Inside the mountain in this cold day. There are small shrines but knowing that shrines and temples are usually built upon the place where used to be an ancient sacred sites like Christian churches are built using ancient sacred place or ray lines.

Behind the shrine, there are huge stone and caves. I feel this is the most sacred place.

I called this cave “Womb Cave ! “, nobody call it so, but I feel this cave always gives me the feeling like back inside womb space.

I never met anyone inside caves, so I enjoy being here for meditation, prayer or simply just simply Being.

Inside deep darkness of the cave,  there is a light from outside. When I close my eyes inside cave, there are totally only darkness but when I look up there are always light shining above.
Darkness nourish me and I can breathe more deeply feeling my depth in space of no wrong or right. In stillness & nothingness , I make empty space within and preparing for something New ! New Beginning for New Miracles coming into my life✨

(Photo is from Goddess house in Glastonbury UK taken by Sahaja.)

In the gentle embrace of the divine goddess in silence and beauty, I am totally Safe.

Now I felt the time to move on and do action, so I got out of the womb cave and went on top of the mountain and could see wide view where city and modern life are existing. But I am far away and observing all the humans activities from far distance. Knowing that I have a choice to make always which environment I want to be and have a choice to make to connect with like hearted people giving focus and energy to create New Earth of balanced & harmonious way of conscious joyful Living which many of us are longing for.

I feel the voice calling ” Return Return Return ! ” the Voice of the Divine Mother calling me Home.

In deep gratitude to ALL the beautiful sisters circle of Dove Oracle Priestess !!!

Blessed Be