18th May 2022 / ✨Unexpected Miracles✨ in Nagano 〜Part 1

I am so happy to be invited to Nagano, Japan! Best season for a train trip to see so many beautiful flowers😊

May 2022 is said to be the most powerful time and I was so blessed to be Nagano at Full moon 🌕 with most beautiful people who are creating NEW earth and way of living !農カフェわのんさん

I stayed in an old traditional Japanese house, renovated so beautifully and had a beautiful organic breakfast made with Love 💕

Driving deep in mountains in Nagano ! So many sacred powerful mountains in this area !

Even in middle of May, we used a wooden slove ! This is very unusual !

Beautiful flowers garden!

With lovely goddesses💖

When we lost the way inside Aoki Village, miracle is that we found the very special shrine by chance. Not single people are here and very special atmosphere.
It is said this shrine bring you good luck to meet the Love in your life💖💖😊

Now arrived in Saku city in Nagano. Famous for Koi fish 🐡

Shrine at Saku.

Beautiful huge trees !

So happy to have dinner with the beautiful couple of special furniture shop. 大丸家具店

Japanese foods are like arts! So blessed to have such a special Full Moon Day at Nagano, Japan!

Miracles in Nagano continue! (for next blog click here)

With Love & Miracles〜