19th May 2022 / ✨Unexpected Miracles in Nagano Japan !✨ Part 2 Miracles Goddess ! Courage to create NEW earth🌍!

Meeting with Miracles Goddess in Nagano ! I am so blessed to be invited this Miracle trip. I did not plan anything but it just simply happened 😊!

I stayed at Nozawakan. Old Japanese Oaisho Era style building.野澤館
So happy to meet the owner at this place and to connect with Hearts💖

So happy to meet a very special Miracle Goddess from Nagano and had lovely healthly foods made with Love💖.

Protected by Miracles Angels from Holland ! Our workshop began !

Dance, Sing, Move fully and freely!

At garden!

So happy to be able to cross special stone bridge !

After deep inner work and meditation, we had sweets and sprouted coffee !

Thank you so much for all the beautiful moments of unexpected Miracles in Nagano.
With so many beautiful memories in my heart💖 now I am ready to fly back to the Netherlands !

Yes Unexpected Miracles continue🌈〜

with Love & Miracles