22th June ✨Miracles at Munich Germany🇩🇪 !

Now I am happily in Munich Germany !

City center of Munich. Tourists are coming from all over the world ! When I left the Netherlands, it was cool, but here it is so hot with 35 degree! So I bought new sandals of German brand BIRKENSTOCK, of course😊

Lunch at natural cafe ! Body feels happy to have raw food !🥗😊

Beautiful posts cards! I found the Japanese artist Chihiro Iwasaki.

Many churches in Munich. Holy Spirit Church.

Beautiful church ceiling !

Mother Mary Alter.

Many parks at Munich

I stayed one week at Munich. And joined Zen retreat with my teacher from Japan, who is an American woman.
It was wonderful to spend in silence with such a dedicated, committed and disciplined German & Austrian zen people. Some are sitting more than 30, 40 years !
I was the only Japanese, yet I felt I am German (or Dutch) and all others are Japanese😆! So inspired !

True abundance is spending relaxing time in nature with loved ones! I see many German families in this park.

After deep silence I feel so peaceful ! And it stays inside of me, so the miracle is that I am not effected with so many people inside busy city areas after the retreat.
I also felt the Netherlands are so relaxed and easy in comparance with Germany! So sometimes I felt culture shock😆

Anyway Miracles contine〜

Love & Miracles