July 2022, Granada, Andalusia, South Spain

Now arrived in Granada from Malaga!

City of Granada!

Granada used to be an independent islamic country until 1492.

Beautiful Alhambra palace !

It was so very hot! So I ate a lot of watermelon 🍉 like this Angels.

And fresh orange juice 🍊!

Beautiful garden inside Alhambra.

Lunch was Mango rice pudding😊at hotel Parador de Granada.

Cathedral at Granada! Outside was too hot, but inside the church was cooler😊

Huge kathedral ! Can you find me where I am ?

Mother Mary.

Angels of pilar of golden light 👼✨

Arabian shops. Colorful lightening !

Dinner was Russian salad (potatos) at the bar! And fresh Orange juice 🍊! Simple is best!

Miracle trip of Spain continues〜

with Love & Miracles