July 2022✨Miracles journey at South Spain 🇪🇸 Part 4〜Flamenco at Jerez & Beautiful White village of Arcos.

One hour by train from Sevilla, arrived in Jerez de la Frontera!

I enjoyed watching flamenco shows in this city.

So sweet 🥰!!!


Now moved to Arcos de la Frontera! From now on I will visit small villages which means local people only speak Spanish😆.

This village is located at the cliff ! Just walking, you can see so many beautiful views!


Santa Maria Church.

Lake at Arcos.

I just found out when I was walking around that you can have breakfast in this historical hotel which used to be a monastery.

So I went to have breakfast and no one at the terrace (everyone is eating at room inside ). Blessed with such a wonderful view! This is a Miracle!

Miracle journey in South Spain continues!

with Love & Miracles〜