July 2022 Miracles journey in South Spain Part 5〜 Caves house in Setenil, Ronda, Marbella

From Arcos, it took 2 hours by bus and now arrived in Setenil de las Bodegas.

This is also a white village !

Caves house !!!

I stayed in this cave house.

Feel like you are inside a cave ! Outside was too hot 🥵 more than 40 degree ! But inside is much cooler.

Cute towels😍

Beautiful flowers 🌺

Bars and restaurants of cave houses.

What is this ? Later I heard this means: “Stop domestic violence!”.

Now arrived in Ronda. Amazing cliff !!!

I love local fruits!

Mary in Ronda.

My 3 weeks Andalucia time are now coming to an end soon ! My final stay is in Marbella. I would never come this touristic place but somehow the spirit moves me to visit my friend’s birthday !

I met a sweet Spanish mom & daughter at the birthday party.
Very happy to find out that they love also Mary Magdalene and feminine mysteries.
I heard that South Spain is still old fashioned and patriarchal😆
But one area in North Spain, there is a very special place and they recommended to visit !
That area is the only place in Spain where ancient culture and matriarchal remains😊 Maybe next time!!!

So grateful of all the Miracles I have experienced this trip!!! So ready now to go back to much cooler Netherlands!!!

Yes Daily Miracle contines〜

with Love & Miracles