5th Aug 2022: My Miracle daily life in the Netherlands !〜 Eco life by bicycle🚴‍♀️, local & organic, Maria pilgrimage

Greetings from the Netherlands ! So happy to be back from burning hot South Spain to this cooler Netherlands !

I use my bike as much as possible here, as it is good for environment and also so much fun too !


White horses 🐎!

My area has lots of very nice organic shops and cafes based of anthroposophy.
I love these beautiful sweet energy and their products !

At organic cafe in Scorlewald in Schoorl.

I am very very happy to have discovered a local organic site, where you can buy local produtcs.( I got those this week 😊)
I only buy foods at organic shop but always wondered about the distance it travels from Africa or South Europe.
Then I found amazing site ! (lokaal kopen)
All foods and fruits are coming directly from farmers within 14 km. At the supermarket, some foods are travelling more than 1500 km!!! This is called food-mileage. If food-milage is high. It means, it is not good for environment, for travelling cost or old, or it contains poison to preserve the foods. In Japan I see onions, cheese and paprikas from the Netherlands. The distance between Japan and the Netherlands is 9300 km. So it means the food-milage is very high and it loses their original power in the foods.
Japan is the worst country, because it has the highest food-milage country in the world! Yes if you are aware, you can get good products from farmers. Hope that everyone is aware for what we put into our body!!!
Local & organic veges and fruits are so divine and nurturing our body and spirit!

Huge trees!

My favorite Mary pilgrimage place in Heiloo! Beautiful mystic and magical!!!

Pond of Mary!

My daily Miracles in the Netherlands continue〜

with Love & Miracles〜