24th Aug: My Miracle holidays in Germany !〜 ✨Romantic Road✨Rothenburg ob der Tauber💖

Following my inner guidance and intuition, I just picked this town and decided to visit for Summer miracles journey in Germany!

Heart guidance is always bringing me a magical experience beyond my mind ! And here is such an amazing cute little town at the Romantic Road (Die Romantische Strasse).

Surounded by an old wall, built in the 12th century.

Pretty building!

I stayed in a very nice hotel, like in a fairy tale💖 Special watchman!

Walking around, I found a Japanese shop 🇯🇵 ! What a surprise !

Owner Ms Ichimonji san! I am so happy to talk with her in Japanese and enjoyed so much talking all kinds of things. Like attracts like vibe.😊

Yay got Sake 😍real Japanese stuff !!!

So many cute Christmas and Teddy Bear shops. So happy and delighted ✨for my inner child within😊
Each time I enter this kind of shops, my teddy collections are increasing !

Wow Angels Teddy Twin Ray couple💞 Of course I got them👍

I love angels so much !!!!!

Sweets of Rothenburg ! Yes Life can be sweet 💕if you keep focus on the Miracles and Magic in life 💕

Now my Miracles journey continues to visit Holy spots of Hildegard von Bingen at river Rhein in Germany.

Love & Miracles〜