18th Oct 2022 : Miracle Journey to Ireland🍀

This autumn I am so delighted to go to Ireland and the UK for 3 weeks ! First I flew to Ireland.

This is my second time to visit Ireland! I was there a long time ago for a dance workshop in Dublin. And I did not visit another area, so this time it will be a different experience!

In Ireland all the signs are written in Gaelic language! English is the second language, although most people do not speak Gaelic anymore. Only in small villages they still speak in Gaelic.

I visited and walked Queen Maeve hiking course near Sligo at North West of Ireland.

Grave of Queen Maeve. Very special mystical spot✨

After walking and driving a lot, now I am so happy to go to the Seaweed bath near Sligo in Atrantic Ocean. Local people recommended me to go. Very very special sensual experience, something I never had ! Very nurishing for my skin too!

Now I arrived in Trim in Boyne valley! This area is famous for ancient world heritage, older than piramids of Egypt.

Lunch !

Hill of Tara. Special energy spot and great view too !

Curracloe Beach Wexford at South east of Ireland, where only local people come! Not many people! Feels like I am back to Hawaii with blue ocean and white sands. Yet wind are cooler !

From South heading to North. Now arrived at Wicklow mountains. Old churches & Celtic High Cross at Monastic city in Glendalough.

This area is so beautiful, valley of the 2 lakes. And here no mobile phone signal !
Countryside in Ireland, I have experienced no signal or down to 3G ! Although I avoid to use 5G only 4G, but if signal is 3G then I cannot use GPS for direction of the car😆 !!! When this happened during the evening time when it already was dark, it was scary 😆 Yet I am happy about less signals as for the Body. Free from EMFs stress even in short time makes a difference !

Now I arrived in Kildare sacred place for Goddess Brigid.

St. Brigid`s Cathedral. In this Church, the crosses are different! Brigid Celtic Cross.

Sacred spot of Brigid Well.

Very quiet sacred place with no one ! I enjoyed quietness and a small bird came very near me and was singing for a long time!

Beautiful nature, kind warm people and nice talks….. with many miracles in my heart now my journey continues to the UK!

with Love & Miracles !