24th Oct 2022. 💜Goddess Mystery & Miracles at Avalon Glastonbury UK !💜

Very very happy to be back to Glastonbury, England. Very special place on thist planet, back after 3 years !!!

Each visit, as my connection to Glastonbury is deepened, now I understand that outside reality is Glastonbury but inside reality is Avalon. An ancient, mysterious, sacred place!

Shop in Goddess temple !

Beautiful autumn season in the city of of apples! (Avalon )

Flowers in Goddess hall !

Sheep at Wearyall Hill.

In Glastonbury Abbey! Very special site, where there are graves of Kind Authour & Queen Guinevere, and Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus uncle ). He came here to accompany and protect Mary Magdalene🌹.

Peace candles in information center of Glastonbury. In Glastonbury there are 28 different regions. So these special candles are prayer candles to Unity and Peace at our planet !

Glastonbury Tor.

At the top of Glastonbury Tor. This is a famous ley line.

Vege Lunch !

At Chalice Well. Beautiful sacred power spot !


Sunset at Glastonbury Tor!

With beautiful miracles in my heart of my 3 weeks spritual adventure in Ireland and UK, now I am so ready to go back to the Netherlands !

with Love & Miracles


PS. Here is my another blog of sacred sites in UK in 2019. ( Here )