18th Nov 2022: Winter Miracles days🌈 in Netherlands〜 Festival of Sinterklaas✨

Hello from the Netherlands ! After changing time from summer to winter, we are now feeling winter is coming !
Winter is cozy time starting from mid Nov, festival of Sinterklaas.

I love seeing kids wearing special clothes for this festival !

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) came from Spain mid Nov and will be back to Spain on 6th Dec. There are big celebrations to welcome this Saint who is so kind and generous !

Sinterklaas is said to be the origin of Santa Claus.

With a member of musical band at a local cafe 😊

Suddenly appeared a huge post for Christmas for next month 🎄! Here in the Netherlands Christmas is at 25th & 26th Dec.

When it is getting cold, oliebollenshops suddenly appear (Oliebollen means Oil Ball. ) These traditional sweets are the origin of donuts. I nearly never have them but the smell of sweet oil makes me already full😆 !

Autumn color leaves are fallen on the ground and days are getting shorter for winter soltice.

Oats milk cuppucino at a local cafe☕️️!!!

Daily Miracles continue here in the Netherlands !

with Love & Miracles