Dec 2022 Japan🇯🇵 & Christmas market 🎄 in Düsseldorf Germany🇩🇪

Feel like I am back to Japan ! After more than 7 months in Europe, I feel it would be lovely to get some Japanese energy. So I visited Düsseldorf in Germany🇩🇪 !

Authentic Japanese foods in a Japanese restaurant !

There is a Japanese street & Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf! 3 hours and a half drive from the north of the Netherlands, I feel I am back in Japan😊. Miracles !

Sweet potatoes in Japanese style ! Three times more expensive than in Japan but worth it 🍠

Okonomiyaki ( Japanese pancakes for dinner ! )

This time of the year, christmas markets are everywhere in Germany.

Soo cold ❄️ with minus degree!

Good to be in a warm cozy cafe. I love German sweets ! In the Christmas season, more choice 🍰 than usual ! Hard to choose😆

During WWⅡ, so much distruction here and more than half of old buildings is gone ! Yet some beautiful churches remained.

Mother Mary & Jesus !

What I love about Germany is that they have many sweet Angels, fairies & dwarfs !
I found such a sweet shops and they got lots of Dwarfs & Angles. They are hand-made by the owners, so only you can get it here in Düsseldorf!

Sweet winter hand-made Angles !

with Love & Miracles !