Feb 2023: Egypt !✨part 1〜 Abu Simbel

Now I am in Egypt! I never imagined of writing my first blog in 2023 here in Egypt! Miracles✨!

I was in Luxor, Aswan and now in Abu Simbel, most southern small city in Egypt, very close to Sudan.

Vege Lunch ! I always ask to get vegetarian👍😊

I met a tourist from Morocco at my hotel. I am wearing special Morrocan traditional dress. Very nice feeling with handmade special clothes! Although they are Moslim, they are not covering their hair. So I asked and she said: “Yes we are new generation!” 👍😊✨

Abu Simbel temple !

Goddess Hathor temple.

Goddess Hathor.✨

Vegetarian dinner ! Green Mulukhiyah soup was loved by Cleopatra.

Beautiful sunset at the Nasser lake !

Miracles of Egypt continues!

Love & Miracles

Sahaja 💖✨🇪🇬