Feb 2023✨Egypt 2 ! 〜 Aswan, Nubian village, Private flight by Egypt Air ! ✨

Greeting and Love from south of Egypt ! It is now more than 2 weeks since I came to Egypt !

I took a flight back to Aswan from Abu Simbel. On the way coming the flight was full French tourist groups. And now I am so surprised that I am the only passenger on this flight!!!
All the flight attendants are smiling and welcomed me for this private flight ! I talked with a flight attendant who lives in Cairo. Cairo is not my original plan. Even I was thinking of skipping as it looks such a busy place ! Yet by talking with her, it made me feel like I might visit Cairo just for experience! Let`s see how it unfolds!

Now back to Aswan, at the beginning of my travel I stayed Elephantine island. This time, I am staying at the west bank of Nile river in the original Nubian village.
Here in Egypt, you cannot drink water or throw toilet paper inside the toilet. Like India !!! Very different standard of living than in westen life. So everything becomes like mindfulness practice ! Otherwise you will get sick so easily😆

Nubian village. Roads in residential area are not paved mostly in Egypt.

Very very friendly Nubian children ! They talk to me all the time😊

A few minutes walk from my hotel, the desert is everywhere! Tombs of the Nobles.

Take a camel ride 🐪 or walk? I decided simply to walk!

There are many Egyptian tourists here. There are women who cover their faces. First it felt so strange but when I see them, and say hi, they smile back to me so getting to know them even though they look strange but behind the black veil, we are same human woman !!!💖

Tomb of Sarenput Ⅱ

Beautiful view of Aswan city and the river Nile from the top of the hill !

I always ask a vegetarian dinner ! ( even not at the menu ! ) Nubian women make very tasty clean food ! The place I stayed a German woman was partly in charge, so it is very very clean and comfortable! Miracles😊

Adventure in Egypt continues !

Love & Miracles