Feb 2023: Egypt ! Part 3 Miracle Days in Aswan✨Nubian museum, top luxury hotel in Aswan✨

Now I am back in Aswan ! As I am not a morning person, I always like to relax in the morning time and then I’m starting to move around noon ! That is my rhythm. Travelling on my own allows to follow my unique inner guidance & rhythm very easy !

Today I took a public ferry across the Nile. This is a great way to watch local people here😊

Walking along the Nile and then I felt like taking a coffee break. Met local girls and although we used google translate to commnunicate, I had a very good time to know the life of local girls here💖

Now arrived at Nubian museum. Very modern!

Statue of the Goddess Isis with her suckling the young god Horus.

Ancient Eygpt, Rome, Coptic Christian, then to Islam. Museum shows how this area has changed in history (his-story😆).

View from the museum, the brown building is the next place to visit today !

The most luxurious hotel in Aswan (one of the top 3 in Egypt!), Sofitel Legend Old Cataract hotel !

Lunch with at great view of Elephantine island !

Feels like back to Greece 🇬🇷 !

Sweets moments💕🧡💜 ! So good to feel relaxed in this clean and beautiful place which I have not felt for long time since I came to Egypt in this hotel. To forget the very rough energy of modern Egypt✨To get some energy back to continue my big journey here !

Love & Miracles from Egypt 🇪🇬!