2023: Egypt 4〜 Arriving Cairo ! Giza Pyramide✨ Great Sphinx

Now I have arrived in Cairo from Luxor ! Giza Pyramid & the Great Sphinx. Cairo & Giza is not my original plan so I am curious how it unfolds !

The day I arrived, I was lying at the bed and I felt a small earthquake! I told about it to the hotel owner but he was laughing and said it is not possible ! Yet I heard soon the news from the Netherlands that there was another new big earthquakes and it could be felt in Egypt & Lebanon. So it was true !!!

View from terras ! Lots of new tall buildings and development in this area.

Breakfast! I could not eat so much, because of the heavy deep fried foods.

I have requested more fruits and veges and then it improved beautifully ! 👍😊

Walk 15 minutes to Pyramid from the hotel !

Winter is best time to visit here. Even in February it is more than 25 degrees!
I like fresh squeezed juice ! Today I got suger cane & orange mix.

Now coming to Pyramid!

Touching Pyramid! Huge stone!!!

View from bottom of the Pyramid!

Egyptian people are very friendly ! Even when I am travelling on my own, I never felt alone as always people came to talk to me. Egyptians loves Japan, when I say I am from Japan! Their eyes shine. And say: “Oh Japan, Fantastic country!”

At Marriott Mena House hotel ! Very nice view of the Pyramide!

Miracles of Cairo continue!

Love & Miracles !

Sahaja 💕