Feb 2023: Egypt Miracles 5 ! 〜 Cairo ! Special pyramid at Dahshur & Saqqara✨

Now I am in Cairo for one week. My morning ritual in Egypt is always having fresh squeezed juice ! I like sugar canes, orange & carrots 🥕 mix ! Always need to ask and make it sure that there is no ice or water added as here in Egypt you cannot drink tap water. It can make you sick if you are not aware in any moment.

I am proud at myself that I am happily survived here in Egypt soon one month ! Today I went to a luxurious shopping mall called “Mall of Egypt”. All the prices are fixed so it is very relaxing as usually you have to negotiate almost everything in Egypt, which can be quite tiring😆 for tourists !

Visiting various kinds of Pyramids near Cairo area. At Saqqara, oldest pyramid called “Step Pyramid”.

Entrance of the Pyramide complex.

Next visit is in Dahshur ! The Bent Pyramid

Egyptian hieroglyph.

The Red Pyramid at Dahshur.

Entering inside Pyramid.

Some part is very very narrow! Good exercises of up and down !!

At Memphis, capital of ancient Egypt.

Miracles of Egypt continues!

Love & Miracles ✨💖😊