Feb 2023: Egypt Miracles 6 ✨Cairo ! Light & Shadow !✨

Now I have moved from Giza to the city center of Cairo !

At Khan ei-Khalilli Market! I have kept hearing about this huge market from many tourists around the world !

Egyptian perfume shop ! At the market, you have to negotiate the price. Usually the price will go down more than half, they told me in the beginning. I love rose and lotus sweet fraguence🌹.

Egyptian Museum.

Tutankhamun golden mask!

Molokheiya soup. It is said that this soup is the secret behind the beauty of Cleopatra !

Kushari, which is a typical Egyptian🇪🇬 dish with rice, pasta, lentil & chickpea beans mixing with tomato source.

Egyptian Civilization museum.

Goddess Hathor & Goddess Sekhmet.

“Purification of water”. Beautiful blue Ankh!

Underground floor was so impressive with all the “royal mummies ” 😆😆😆
Amazing to see the dead bodies of more than 3000 to 4000 years old !!! No photos allowed.

Old Cairo! In Egypt most people are Moslims, but 10 % are Egyptian Coptic Christian. At Greek Orthdox Church of St. George. Woman Saint Philomena is here✨✨ and her healing spring water💙

Coptic Church of St. Segius.

In a undergound cave, where Jesus and his family stayed as a shelter for a few months.

Beautiful Coptic church!

The hanging church ( also known as Mother Mary church💙). Very special energy ✨!

Now arrived in the mosque of Muhammad Ali at the citadel.

So beautiful inside !

At Cairo I used the Uber taxi most of the time. But always so much traffic jam in Cairo. Then I found a metro station at Old Cairo. So I took metro. There are women only compartments. Egyptian people are always so helpful wherever I am. I feel so safe and supported ! I am feeling that Aloha Spirits are so alive here🌈.

Next Miracles continue to Alexandria !

Love & Miracles✨