March 2023: Egypt Miracles 8〜 Hurghada at Red Sea✨part 1

During my journey to Egypt, I have kept hearing the name “Hurghada” from both Egyptian people and foreign tourists around the world. And found that there is a direct flight to Amsterdam! So I threw away my original ticket back from Aswan and purchased new ticket back to Amsterdam! Yey 😊! After 6 weeks since end Jan to mid March, feeling it is slowly coming to complete.

Hurghada used to be just a tiny fishermans village but now developing huge resort and city in the dessert.

Local fruits & vegetable market! Fixed prices, so no stress for negotiating the price👍 I love local simple fresh things🍊🍌🍓

I stayed in a guest house owned by Swedish woman, who was married with an Egyptian. She took me at a local city tour!

Swedish sweets ! She made beautiful sweets and bread too ! Never thought of experiencing Swedish🇸🇪 culture here in Egypt!

Beautiful, clean western standard sweet room ! Best cozy and cute room I stayed so far in Egypt! Miracles💖😊✨

I kept meeting the Dutch Egyptologist by chance! My flight from Amsterdam to Cairo had a big delay so I missed my connecting flight to Luxor. And he was also at the same flight and I met him at the hotel. Then after a few weeks later, by coincidence, I met him again at Luxor airport when I flew back from Luxor to Cairo. Then when I was in Cairo I met him again at at a very crowded Egyptian museum! So this is very interesting✨ I remember he said that in Egypt, covid pandemic was not too bad but a serious problem is the pandemic of diabetic !!!

I felt it is not sometimes so easy to get healthy foods and most Egyptian drink so much Coke, eat potato chips and put so much sugar in their tea or coffee. And all the sugarly drinks and sweets. Shadow of the modern Egypt.

Beautiful coptic church !

Sweet strawberry milk shake & French coffee with no sugar ! ( you need to say clearly, otherwise they puts too much white sugar like 7 spoons😆)

B&B owner’s husband went fishing and got them !

Swedish style fish dishes✨ ! Their bones are very strong and wild.

Happy breakfast ! Home made Swedish cinnamon rolls and bread, home made strawberry jam and vinger cucumber with cream cheese. And ginger milk tea.
Miracle day in Hurghada starts again !

Love & Miracles✨