Egypt Miracles 10〜Philae island〜✨Temple of Isis✨💜

Now I am ready to visit Philae island at Aswan. Arranged taxi and small boat by myself as I am an individual tourist !

Aswan is very famous for 2 huge dams. Aswan dam & High dam. I felt we are so fragile because if something happens to this dams then all Egypt cities by the Nile (which is most of it ! ) will be gone in a second, though people say it is very safe! It is simply pure miracles that we are alive here & Now!

Goddess Isis temple✨

This temple has moved from the original island to here. It will be underwater because of the construction of the dam. Amazing! To move a temple to another location. I heard many temples in this area are underwater after the dam was made.

This temple was build in BC 690-664. Then Christianity came and destroyed Goddess worship.

Most holy place at the temple used to be the only high priestesses could enter.

Goddess Isis & Osiris

Temple of Hathor !

Goddess Hathor

Sweet relaxed cats🐱

With lots of impression & love of Isis now I am moving back to Aswan !

Love & Miracles💖