Egypt Miracles 11✨Aswan dessert 🐪 Kom Ombo temple✨back to Luxor✨

Winter time is the best season for visiting Egypt. No scorpions in the dessert🦂👍

German soul sister took me inside the dessert who lives in Nubian village at Aswan.

Very fine sand✨like snow!

Many ancient Egyptian noble tombs this area which are not yet totally excavated.

River Nile

Public boat to cross the nile. Very very local experience with no tourists!

On the way back again to Luxor, I visited Kom Ombo temple.

Ancient Egypian godesses and gods. They have Ankh (meaning life) on their hands.

Woman giving birth to baby.

At the hotel I met a very sweet young couple from Cairo with sweet baby who becomes Batman during the day and transforms into Superman at evening time 😊
His mother did not cover the hair so I asked and she said they are Koptic Christian.

Egyptian breakfast !

Sunset by the Nile at Luxor !

Love & Miracles