Egypt Miracles 12✨Elephantine Island Aswan✨time moves spiral🌀

I took the train from Luxor to Aswan for about 4 hours. Foreign tourists can only take certain trains, so not all. I purchased a 1st class train ticket so I thought I can have an easy time in the train. But here in Egypt things are not happening as you imagined ! The train I supposed to be in was not coming ! And so I had to take a local only Egyptian train which was amazingly dirty and full of smoking air😱 Anyway I arrived safely in Aswan !

Small public boat to Elephantine island.

Because of the Aswan dam, most original villages are underwater, so only a very few villages remain for Nubian people. Elephantine island is one of them. Road are not paved and plastic garbage is everywhere ! I fantasized a very special spiritual place but it was not what I thought😆

Mango Guest house, which is popular for Europan tourists. I heard about this place when I was in the Goddes temple💜in Glastonbury in UK last autumn. It is a miracle that a few months later I am here in real!

Nubian design clothes !

At the local public boat, women and men are sitting separately. So if you are couple, you have to sit separately😆!

Souk (local market) at the city center of Aswan

Spice shop.

Local vegetable shop.

Egyptian Berkley 🍞.

Coptic church in Aswan.

King Jamaica restaurant at Elephantine Island ! Great view of the sunset at Nile.

Egyptian lentil soup.

One day the owner of King Jamaica told me to go upward ! And there is a Nubian coffee corner.

Nubian woman is making Nubian coffee in the traditional way! And it is so lovely to talk with people who come for her. She has many repeating customers.

It was so inspiring to talk with her! It was surprising that a woman like her is working as here in a Nubian village. Not many women are doing business.
She said she lost suddenly her husband and had 2 young kids when she was in Sudan. Though she was in a depression, she is the only one to make a living. So she moved to Aswan and met a very open minded owner and started this business. Here are some words she said and it is very wise I felt😊

“I learn everyday from owner and people come to me from all around the world! “

“It is a good day if I can learn even 1 new thing a day!”

“Every morning, I say to myself that “Today I choose to be happy ! Because happiness is always within me!”

Wonderful !!! It is so beautiful to remind myself that happiness is a inner job and daily choice.
Yes, life is simply a choice 💖

Time moves in spiral 🌀 so this blog continues to blog one ( click here )

Love & Miracles 💜