May 2023: Miracles in South France 1 🇫🇷 〜Wallonia Belgium🇧🇪, Dijion in Bourgogne then to Provence!

A few weeks ago I was in South France! One of my best favorite places on earth😊 It took me 4 days to drive all the way from North Holland to South France, around 1350 km, with enjoying towns on the way.
First day driving until south Belgium🇧🇪.

In Namur.

In Dinant. Driving at night, I saw a big black object running in the woods, and found out it was a wild boar 🐗! Unexpected Miracles to see him!

The next day I finally crossed the French boarder! Usually I visited France so often but these last 4 years I haven’t been back. So feels so happy !
I stayed one night in Dijon. Famous city for mustard.

Old city center of Dijon!

The Owl of Dijon!

Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon, famous for black madonna.

Full day driving from Dijon all the way down south to the Provence. Very happy to be back in the beautiful Provence !

Shape of garden is Tree of Life! Had a special salad 🥗!

Biocoop ! This is a good shop to buy organic products. I went to many Biocoops in France 🇫🇷

Carpentras in Provence.

Beautiful Chapel of Mary !

Miracles of South France continues !

with Love & Miracles !