Sep 2023: Miracles at Avalon💜 ( Glastonbury ) UK 🇬🇧

So happy to be able to go back to Avalon this summer ! Each time I have experienced amazing grace💜
At Glastonbury Thorn of Joseph of Arimathea at Wearyall Hill.

Not many people, more animals at Wearyall hill. Yet great view of Glastonbury Tor.

At Chalice Well. I love this sacred divine feminine place with endless Red spring water.❤️

A day trip to Wells, smallest city in UK.

Beautiful Wells Chathedral!

Climbing hills up to Glastonbury Tor. This place is at a ley line (energy line).

Sunset at Tor.

Vege lunch at Rainbow Cafe. Most of cafes & restaurants close at 16:00 afternoon at Glastonbury !

At Glastonbury Abbey. There was a concert called ‘Night at Abbey’. Coincidence made me enter this concert for free! Glastonbury Miracles🌈!!!

Night at Abbey.

At church of Abbey at Crypt. This is a holy site of Joseph of Arimathea, transformed into a DJ desk ! I am so surprised!!!

At St. Patrick chapel. I went to a concert of Patrick Duff. His music touched my heart so deeply and mind blowing gentle, yet so deep and powerful !!! 💜 Wow!!!

High street at center of Glastonbury.

Goddess temple & Shop 💖❤️💜

I kept hearing words ” Tintagel of Cornwall! ” Following my inner guidance and outside coincidence, I threw my return ticket back to Amsterdam and I extended my stay in UK.
Last night of my time at Glastonbury I went to Goddess temple. I met High Priestess of Death, Egyptian god Anubis, Goddess Ceridwen. She just visited my next destination Tintagel ! So happy to hear tips of where to visit.
From Egypt, Glastonbury to Cornwall, all the dots is now connecting ! Yay ! Miracles continue to Atlantic Ocean of Cornwall!

Love & Miracles