Sep 2023: Miracles at Cornwall Part 1 〜 Connecting with Merlin🧙 & King Arthur at Tintagel✨ 

When I visited Glastonbury for the first time, I bought a child book of Merlin! Since then the word Merlin is always keep coming back. Recently the word ‘Tintagel’ village name at Cornwall I came across so often. So following my inner guidance I decided to go there after Glastonbury !

Tintagel old post office.

To extend my stay in Cornwall was originally not my plan. I booked a rental car at the last minute. A reasonable car was a manual car which I had not driven these past 15 years ! And with no car navigation system. And I had to drive the opposite side of the Netherlands. Yet I managed and all went well!!!

During my time at Cornwall, all the domestic & International flights in UK were all cancelled due to an unknow system error! You never know what will happen this matrix!

I found an interesting building and it is The King Arthur Hall. No one was there, I was the only one!

The man at the reception said this place is the holy of the holiest because three ley lines (energy lines) are crossing here. And also this connected with Glastonbury Abbey! I was surprised that I just came from there!

Island of King Arthur`s castle at Tintagel.

Merlin Cave! This is my target for this visit ! Yay !!! You can only enter at low tide.

Across the bridge you will come to the Castle.

King Arthur.

Ruins of Chapel.

Driving near the Tintagel, you can find an empty space with beautiful nature!

Beautiful color 💐.

Port Isaac. Famous tourist spot!

Beautiful port town. I asked a woman the way to get to back to Tintagel as I have no GPS😆
She told me and looked impressed to know that I rent a car and was travelling on my own. I said travelling on my own allows me to meet many people on the way which I enjoy so much !

Then she spoke about her life. She lost her husband suddenly a few weeks ago by an heart attack. She never travelled on her own in her life.
Hearing her story makes me feel that Life is unexpected and being human is so fragile!

Enjoy meeting with many local & tourists around the world on the road !
Miracles of Cornwall continue!

with Love & Miracles