Dead Sea, Nazareth Israel !

Now happy to be in nature after Jerusalem! Dead Sea is so famous as it is 420 m below sea level.
So much fun to float on the sea.

Massada, ancient Herodian palace-fortress.

Wild earth!

After spending miracles time in nature, now I move to Nazareth where Jesus lived for 30 years.

Basilica of the Annunciation.

Nazareth is an Arabian town. Many kinds of spice and foods.

I stayed at an Arab Christian woman`s place, where I can see great view of Nazareth. She was the first Arab (Palestinian) whom I talked personally. With Arab coffee and sweets, she shared the story of Palestine & Israel. It was good to see both sides and to know what has happened. In a wall in the town, I saw a picture of a Palestinian refugee. Anyway this woman is so nice and she gave me good advice for traveling which is: ” Eat everything ! Do diet back home ! ”

Arabian Advertisement saying「Great food ! Great Mood !」
Simple truth for all humanity beyond any belief !

Now my travel continues from city to nature 〜