Israel ! 〜Golan, Mystical Safed, Akko

Now my journey continues to Golan Heights !

I went very close to the Syrian boarder. But it looks peaceful. May peace continues in beautiful Golan.

Now I am in Safed. This small place has a sacred place for Jews and is the birthplace for Kabala. When I was staying here, Israel celebrated her 70 years birthday. So many orthodox Jews are dancing and celebrating during the night.

Safed is the place for art ! Many beautiful magical arts and jewelry. I met a very sweet Jewish woman, so lovely to connect with Heart. I liked Safed so much for its mystical energy and beautiful awakened wise people. This is the place I love to spend more time in the future !!!

Staying in Haifa, I visited Akko. Very old port town from 4000 years ago.

Arabian old town. Al Jazzer Mosque.

Arabian sweets ! Very sweet !!!
They journey moves back to Jerusalem then to West Bank of Palestine. Miracles continue〜