Private dance workshop for women” Mary Magdalene”at Nature area in Tokyo !

We had a beautiful private workshop for women in Oct 2018. Theme this time was ” Mary Magdalene〜deepening feminine mystery !” Participants were coming from all different parts of Japan〜Kyoto, Hokkaido, Tokyo and Chiba.

Enjoyed river and mountains in Tokyo !

We had an organic lunch using local products from the countryside, here in Tokyo.

Water was a bit cold but very refreshing !

Feeling warm stones down the river.

In the sunlight, apparition of Mary Magdalene !?!

Visiting old temple in the woods.

It was such a beautiful time together, which will stay in my heart forever !

I thank Mary Magdalene for your beautiful inspiration and presence still this day !
For your encouragement for both women & men in this time of great transformation !

with Love & Miracles