Autumn 2018 Kurama & Kihune Kyoto Japan

Happy to be back in Kyoto ! I visited the Kurama mountain where Reiki was founded.

Kurama mountain. Ancient mystic place !

I just read a book written by head priestess in Kurama temple. She is 94 years old and still doing her job as priestess !

Beautiful autumn leaves !

In the Summer a big tyfoon hit to Kyoto. The temple has been closed and just re-opened again. But I can see the damage.

Usually you can walk from Kurama to Kifune, but because of the damage of the tyfoon, the road has closed.
I see many trees have fallen down and I can see the power of nature. It is so important that we live more in harmony with nature, without destroying them.

Now we are in the Kifune temple.

Many beautiful old trees, like cozy home for earth angel ;)) !!!

Japanese ceder tree of 100 years old !

Now arrived at Okuin of Kihune temple. It was a magical trip !!!

Love & Miracles