Happy to be back to Kauai Hawaii !!!

After 10 months of away from Hawaii, I am very happy to be back in my heart home here in Kauai Hawaii !
Very happy to meet my dear friend Elaine, who is now 90 years old who is a dance teacher !

Beautiful beach at the east side of Kauai !

Now it’s is the best season for avocado. A tree full of avocados.

Avocado bigger than my hands.

Making guacamole using fresh avocados.

Yammy !!!

Cute dinner ! It takes time and hands to make real soup ( making also Broth from chickens ).
But it is worth doing so.

Happy hawaii Christmas flowers !!! Tomorrow it is going to be Full Moon Winter Solstice here in Hawaii.
I am looking forward for Miracles unfolding each day !!! 

with Love & Miracles