Back to Holland ! 2019 Feb〜 Cycling to Heiloo, Marian apparition

Happy to be back to Holland !

Center of Alkmaar. Many colorful old buildings by the canal.

I came across Mr. Coffee beans drinking himself !!!

Eco life in Holland ! Using bikes is a good way to feel mother earth.

Usually in February, it is cold here in Holland. But it was so warm with 15 degree today ! Spring flowers are already coming, I have never seen this in Feb before !!! It looks the Earth is changing at a fast speed.

After 1 hour of cycling, now arrived at the Maria Church ( Onze Lieve Vrouw ter Nood Heiloo )in Heiloo.

You can get holy water from a well. It is very special pure water. Many stories of miraculous healing happened with prayer and this water.

Marian apparition happened here in the 14th century.

Very peaceful and quiet mystical place. I love this place !

After a long bike ride, it is good to have organic sweets and soya cappuccino to treat myself well !!!

Now my miracle journey continues from Holland back to Israel !

with Love & Miracles