Israel ! Part 1〜 Eilat, Timna Valley

Happy to be back again in Israel after 9 months ! This time I flew to Eilat, in the South of Israel at the Red Sea, very close to Egypt. Across the sea I can see the city of Aqaba in Jordan and down South I can see Saudi Arabia. Now my body is getting familiar of middle eastern maps.

30 minutes from Eilat, now I am in Timna Valley.

Huge rocks in the dessert.

Climbing up the rocks… the sun light is very very strong, even I wear sunglasses….

I felt called to go to right edge of Solomon`s Pillars.

Then I found the Temple of Hathor ! Goddess Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess of beauty & abundance !
Very happy to meet her !!!

Dinner at local restaurant where only I see local people ! I had sweet potato ravioli and tuna salad !

From Eilat with Love !