Israel ! Part 3〜Jerusalem !

Now I am back to Jerusalem again after 9 months ! Life is a Miracle !!!

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the old city which is one of the most famous sites in Jerusalem because there is a tomb of Jesus.

As soon as I entered this church with so many pilgrims from around the world, I heard a voice within saying “I am NOT here as I am IN you.”

Important food for feminine energy is dates and ginger !!!

At Garden Tomb. This site is also considered real Golgotha and the burial and resurrection site of Jesus.

Western wall !

Lucky that I could be inside Temple Mount which is the holiest places in old town.

Strawberries at Maahane Yehuda Market ! Because of the warm climate, they can grow bananas, avocados and many fresh veggies & fruits in Israel !

Now my travel continues to the Sea of Galilee !

with Miracles from Israel !