Israel ! Part 4〜 Mary Magdalene, Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Safed

Moved toward north, now I am at the Sea of Galilee ! I stayed in Kahal, very small village with a great magical view !!!

Very nice to meet and talk with local Israeli people ! This is a wonderful way to know what is really happening in Israel.

Magdala where Mary Magdalene lived here more than 2000 years ago !

This is one of the oldest synagogues excavated in Galilee.

Now a Catholic church has been built at this site.

Very impressive painting of Mother Teresa praying…

At Capenaum. This is a famous Christian site where Jesus lived here and performed Miracles such as multiplying 2 fishes and 5 breads and fed more than 5000 people ! And also walked on the sea !!!

Happy to be back again in my favorite town Safed. Famous place for the birth of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah.

Full of Art and mystic atmosphere. I enjoyed buying new special accessories here !

After visiting Safed, I drove to Meron which I felt called to. Meron is most famous for the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Very sacred site for Jews. It was very special to be here and pray with many Jews !!!

Miracle journey of Israel continues !!!