Miracles at Kyoto & Kobe !

May 2019, I just have a wonderful visit and sharing dance at Kyoto & Kobe. After my class in Kyoto, I enjoyed visiting at the Daigo temple in Kyoto.

You can spend hours in this temple with its beauty and history !

Japanese garden !

There is a very famous Quan Yin further you go deep inside property. It was a very very very powerful experience to visit her !!!

Tower !

We had such a wonderful workshop at Kobe !!! With such a sweet group of dancers. Theme was ” Full Moon ! Self Love ! ”

Organic vegan lunch makes our whole body happy !

After the workshop, we enjoyed sweets at an organic cafe. To have organic vegan sweets with good ingredients with love is on action of Self Love♡
Thank you so much for dancing ,laughing, and tears on the dance floor ! So looking forward to go back to Kobe in November 2019 !!!

with Love & Miracles〜