2019 Summer Miracles in France ! Part 1〜 Arlon Belgium, Taize

I left Holland at end of July when it was crazy hot. I felt I was in Africa ! Now I am very happy with my Summer adventure 3 weeks and half in France ! First I stayed at Arlon Belgium.

At church in Arlon.

Tried to find a restaurant but each place I go they say “Complet! Desole !( we are totally full !)” The only hope I found was Belgium Frites !!!

Now happy to be back to Taize ! Christian community though I am not a devoted Christian but I love this place so much ! With Silence and singing !

I chose Silence for one week.

I stayed in a Silence blue tent with a double mattress inside. I slept better than in a hotel ! This is Miracles !!!

Simple dinner at Taize. I added tomatoes & carrots as I need fresh veges. But the food in Taize has become more healthy than last years with less sugary sweets and more fruits.

It is so wonderful to be in nature ! Sister Christina said during the introduction talk “This week we do not need to hurry!!! ” This is a wonderful reminder for the whole week for me. I even did not use internet so much ( limited only to 10 minutes once in 3 days ! )

It was such a precious time spending time at Taize with so many young people around the world ! Now my miracle trip continues to South Provence !

with Love & Miracles