Summer Miracles in France 2019 Part 7〜 Chateau de Chambord, Orleans and Laon !

After miracles in Plum Villiage, now driving back to north, towards Holland. On the way, I visited some sites in Loire.

At Chateau de Chambord. Famous double spiral steps by Leonardo de Vinci.

At Chambre du gouverneur.

Now arrived in Orleans !

This city is known for the tomb of Joanne d`Arc.

Market at the river Loire.

Now getting closer to the Belgium boarder. I like to visit Loan, which you can find when you are driving the highway on top of the hills. You can see this umbrella art in many French towns !

Kathedral in Laon.

Happy to meet Joanne d`Arc again !

Black madonna (Notre-Dame-de-Liesse). Since 1138 she was said to make many miracles ! With so many miracle moments in my heart now my miracles journey continues back to Holland and looking forward to go back to France very soon !

with Love & Miracles