Be a Goddess ! Private workshop at mountains & river in Tokyo

We just had a beautiful private workshop ( limited only to 6 women ! so it was full ! ) at the mountains area
in Tokyo ! 

Theme was ” Be a Goddess ! ” Women from all over Japan, Kyoto, Nagoya, Chiba, Saitama, and Tokyo
joined. We were blessed with sun & blue sky after heavy rain and 3 typhoons in a row.

Color of the river has changed after so much rain !

Be a goddess ! At the river !!!

Special lunch made with Love♡

Protected by Angels all over the world, we did such a deep inner work for awakening the Goddess within.

Goddesses from Glastonbury, they were lying at the Abby in Glastonbury, ancient power spot in UK !

They are now transformed here in the mountains in Tokyo, each Goddess is so unique and shining !!!

I am so happy for our such a lovely and precious time together !
Each moment was a Miracle !!!

with Love & Miracles