Winter in Thailand ! 2019-2020

After I had a great dance workshop in 2019 in Japan, happily left Japan for winter Miracles to Thailand & India! Very different winter in comparison with cold Tokyo. Bangkok was 35 degree, so hot !

Guardian in Royal Palace in Bangkok.

I saw countless Buddha’s in Bangkok.

Erawan waterfall near Kanchanabri. Most beautiful waterfall in Thailand !

“ I have arrived. I am home.” Happy arrived at Thai Plum village of Thich Nhat Hanh, who is a Vietnamese Zen monk.

Festival dinner ! Tastes from various Asian countries. Eat slow with mindfulness.

Very happy to see Thich Nhat Hanh at 1 st day of 2020 ! He was in a good spirit and waved at us!

After a wonderful time with international people at Plum Village, I continued my trip to Chiang Mai.
Mango at local fruits market. Tropical fruits are so nice !

My heart was so touched by gentle, warm- hearted people in Thailand. Now miracles bring me back to India !!!

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