India Miracles! 2020 Part 2 Buhhda Gaya

Because of the cancellation of my flight to Kolkata this made space for visiting Buddha Gaya which is the most holy pilgrim place for Buddhists. I was lucky to see the Dalai Lama smiling !

Miracle was I met a pilgrimage group from Holland and joined tour to visit very special holy sites. This was not possible to do by myself.

Napanda University one of the oldest universities, build in the 5th century.

Buddha Gaya is situated in the state of Bihar, which is poorest area in India. So many beggars and children came to us, yelling “Money! Money!” This is not easy!

Totoro trees!

I met Hindi Sadhu from Rajasthan. He was in silence in cave for more than 40 years! Now giving blessings and wisdom to people he comes across.

I felt this mountain was calling me.

Buddha meditated in hunger. But could not reach the complete state of peace. So he went down from the cave. A woman offered milk porridge and saved his life ! Then he recovered and meditated again and finally got enlighted!

It is important to eat ! Banana pancake at Om cafe.

Now finally I booked flight again to Kolkata! Miracles continues !

With love & miracles


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