India Miracles 2020 Winter ! Part 4 Yogananda Ashram at Ranchi & Noida (Delhi)

I flew from Kolkata to Ranchi. I never thought to come here so unexpected happenings are always better!

I love books of Yogananda. Most famous classic one is “Autobiography of a Yogi”. When I read it, I felt the energy of the book so strong like receiving transmission of universal light ! Power of truth touches and inspires !

Now arrived in Delhi. Metro is very clean and modern.

Noida is close to Delhi. Industrial area with so many offices.

Stayed at Yogananda Ashram. Oasis in the middle of the offices.

Breakfast at Ashram ! Eat in silence.

Lunch at Ashram. Ashram food is so safe to eat, so I can relax ! Not like local restaurants.

Spending such a wonderful retreat time of meditating, meeting, reading and eating !
I took train to Haridwar.

Haridwar is very a holy place for Hindu. Shiva welcomed me!

Miracles lead me to Rishkesh !

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