South India Miracles! Part 6 Healing time at Odayam beach in Kerala !

It took 6 hours by air with one over stop from Deheradun North India to Trivandrum, nearly south end of India ! India is a big country !
Very happy to see countless coconuts trees everywhere. Feel like I am back to Hawaii!

I was sick after such a intensive time in north India. So I needed to heal my body first.
Listening to sound of waves everyday, even in the room I stayed, breathing clean air. And I went to Ayurvedic doctor and had Ayurvedic massage. Quickly my body recovered !

Odayam beach. Wooden boat with local fisher men.

Village festival !

Breakfast with tropical fruits.

I joined Yoga(asana) class finally !
It was a great class with deep meditation. I enjoyed this transformational class.

Yoga teacher Shiva told me that the Sivananda Ashram, where he was trained, just 70 km away was. Immediately I asked him to call and find out if I can stay. They said that foreigners were welcome! This is a miracle as now most of ashrams in India are not allowed foreigners to stay because of Corona. So I arranged a taxi and went to Yoga Ashram !

My South India miracles continue !

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